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ioShutter SLR Camera Remote

ioShutter SLR Camera Remote
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The Shutter is the worlds first shutter release cable for your SLR camera this is controlled by your iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch. Use the Shutter cable with the free Shutter app to unlock incredible functionality like Time-lapse, Timer, Bulb for long exposures, Sound Trigger and the awesome “Shake To Take”!

The free app includes programmable Timer, Time-lapse, Bulb/Long exposures, Clap to Snap sound, and Shake to Take movement trigger that will amaze you! The PRO app will take you to the next level and unleash your creative monster with fully custom settings to schedule the Timer using your calendar! Run a Time-lapse sequence for days or set the db sound level for the Sound Trigger, or program movement sensors and more. Enjoy having more control than ever with a super cool interface and shutter control release tool that is always with you.

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