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iPhone Remote Control Microcar

iPhone Remote Control Microcar
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iPhone and Android controlled Bluetooth r/c car. The ZenWheels Micro Car! It looks like one of those low cost bubble cars, but it’s much much more than that! It’s a tiny micro miniature mechanical marvel that you can control precisely on your desktop, or just about anywhere! Unbelievable proportional precision controls with rack and pinion steering and super smooth gearbox means you can really maneuver like a real car unlike any other RC car you have tried before!

It’s a super high quality iPhone rc car like you have never seen before! ZenWheels Micro Car enables you to enjoy the fun of driving by remote control with a level of precision you will find almost impossible to believe! It’s less than 1 inch tall, (it’s so cute!), but it has a real rack and pinion steering system, working headlights, signal lights, horn and siren.

It even has a clever built-in timing system for keeping track of who’s the best driver! With Zen-like haptic controls on the free app, (for iPhone, iTouch, iPad and now Android), you can maneuver slowly and smoothly for precision parallel parking, and you can also drive fast enough to get you into heaps of trouble on the autocross course! It’s so tiny, you’ll want to take it with you all the time!

The included hard pack carrying case means you can be practicing your driving skills at a moments notice – anywhere, anytime!. Driving this precision micro miniature mechanical marvel is easy to learn but challenging to master! A great place to enjoy driving can be at a restaurant, while you are waiting for your dinner, you can set up a full autocross course on the table and be enjoying remote controlled driving fun without disturbing anyone else around you – the Micro Car is virtually silent!

But if you happen to like noise, the Micro Car can do that too. Sometimes leaning on the horn a little bit can get rid of that road rage, or perhaps a police siren might be good to get some attention when you need a beverage! Super Detailed and Fun.

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