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Jaguchi Faucet Tablet Stand

Jaguchi Faucet Tablet Stand
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Another collaboration between electronics accessories maker Elecom and design studio extraordinaire nendo, the Jaguchi derives its unusual name from the Japanese word for “tap” or “faucet”, and we can see why. This stylish aqua-themed stand for your iPhone or iPad looks like a gushing tap! But don’t worry: Although your device will appear to be resting in a pool of liquid, it doesn’t actually have to be waterproof.

Comprised of several parts that fit easily together, you can use it to keep your smartphone or mobile device (Apple or otherwise) standing up and ready to be picked up when you need it. And when your phone or tablet isn’t resting on the stand it still looks pretty cool, like a stream of water coming out of a floating faucet! There are also four versions: black, white, clear or blue.

Can be used with iPad and other mobile devices
Materials: polycarbonate, ABS

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