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K3 Picquotware Tea Kettle

K3 Picquotware Tea Kettle
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This teapot is an exclusive, modern design made from Magnailium. Magnailium is an alloy designed especially for Picquot Tableware which is polished (not plated) and is cast in one solid piece to ensure no leaks and incredibe durability. The carefully designed spout is non-drip pouring and the milled lid hinges allow for a perfect fit. Handle is made from solid sycamore wood.

Kettle is suitable for gas, electric, wood burning and Aga cook surfaces. Not suitable for magnetic induction stoves without the use of an interface plate for the kettle to sit on. Hand-wash only in hot water. 1.7 litre Kettle With 7mm thick base.

Designed in 1938, the K3 Kettle was ready to be launched at the British Industries Fair in Birmingham in 1939. Unfortunately the outbreak of the war stopped these plans and the whole factory went over to ammunition production. In mid 1945 the Ministry of Production allowed development work to begin on non-wartime items, in order to prepare for peace. The kettle was finally released at the B.I.F. in 1946-47 under the trade name “Newmaid.” Winning numerous awards and accolades, this kettle is now a british design icon.

Wash in clean, hot water and polish dry gently with a soft dry quality cloth or silver cloth. Detergent is not necessary and will dull the exterior sheen.

Design Country: UK
Material: Magnailium
Volume: 1.7L

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