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Kajito Deck Chair

Kajito Deck Chair
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A totally new style of Deck chair. Hammocks are great but have a few drawbacks. We have never liked the heavy immovable Hammock frames and we also know from our Cacoons that even a single hanging point for a chair can often be a problem.

Deck chairs are great too and the basic design has dominated collapsible frame chairs. Our only view on this was that the concept could take a bit of spicing up.

We love a challenge” Kajito is the designed by our in house team where experience includes many years of involvement in highly technical projects such as race sails for international sailing projects, tensile architectural fabrication and design for world-renowned architects Wilkinson Eyre and Kew Gardens London.

Kajito : Kite : Light weight material with wooden structure used to fly

Well to be honest you will not literally “take off” in our Kajito, but the floating sensation of gentle movement Kajito provides will help your mind “take time off” that’s for sure.

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