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Katana Shift Knob

Katana Shift Knob
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These are beautifully crafted Samurai Wakizashi Sword handle shift knobs that has imitated rayskin wrapped with Japanese Ito with alloy fuchi, kashira & menuki.

Also features a threaded metal insert that makes the shift knob durable so you will not have to worry about the threads getting ruined or ruining the threads.

Any one of these Samurai Sword Katana shift knob will give off a nice Japanese feel and look and will also make a very nice piece for your car interior especially for a show car. It will definitely impress any passer-by or passenger(s) that see it.
On top of that, It feels really good & comfortable when shifting into gear(s).
These Japanese Katana Shift Knobs stand 10 inches tall.

Shift knob thread pitch size fitments:
8×1.25 will fit on most automatic transmission vehicles. & on all manual Chrysler, Dodge Magnum, Ford Pantera. If not sure if this shift knob will fit your car feel free to message me the year, make and model of your car & I will try to confirm it for you.
10×1.25 will fit on all manual Mitsubishi, Hyundai, Ferrari, Most Nissan/Infiniti & Most model Mazda & automatic transmission Subaru.
10×1.50 will fit on all manual Honda/Acura

12×1.25 will fit on Manual Ford Mustang 2005 – 2014, Automatic Honda Pilot, All manual Lexus, All manual Subaru, & Most manual transmission Toyota/ Scion.

12×1.5 will fit on all Audi, & as for the Lotus Elise & Exige it’ll fit after Jan 2009 Models.
Please do find out or research your thread pitch size before ordering.

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