bamboo coffee press

Kawamboo Bamboo Coffee Press

Kawamboo Bamboo Coffee Press
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Kawamboo – the bamboo coffee press
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An alternative coffee press design, giving unique natural bamboo patterns.


Imagine the smell of fresh made coffee, combined with a beautifully designed bamboo coffee press, with an everyday functionality. The perfect pair for coffee: two authentic raw materials, bringing a little dash of nature into the start of your day.

Each Kawamboo coffee press has unique patterns and a warm, natural look. The bamboo used has beautiful lines, and a pleasant touch.

Bamboo is much more sustainable and eco-friendly than it’s slow-to-grow cousin, wood.

It’s the fastest growing, as it reaches maturity in only 2 years.

On top of this, Bamboo is naturally waterproof and food safe, with inherent antibacterial properties.

Don’t miss your chance to pre-order this unique, eco-friendly and easy to use coffee press !

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As it is pre-launching, it will take some time before delivery.

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