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Kayacat – The Boat in a Backpack

Kayacat – The Boat in a Backpack
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The Kayacat is a personal catamaran you can paddle like a Kayak or Sail, SUP, Slide Seat Row, Motor and more, and each Kayacat fits in its own backpack which you can carry as hand luggage on most airlines!

The basic model, the PUMA weighs in at just over 6kg(13lb)! It can be unpacked and set up in under 8 minutes, and can be repacked in under 4 minutes, giving you more time to enjoy the water.

The performance is excellent when compared to other watercraft, including kayaks. It is easy and fun to use, easy to set up and pack away, resilient, and also affordable. The Kayacat is suitable for people of all ages and abilities. We have had children as young as 5 years old single-handedly carrying and launching Kayacats into the sea, rivers and lakes.

Kickstarter Backers will be get approximately 20% off the anticipated retail price, as well as being first in line for delivery when Kayacat rolls off the production line. Items are shipped worldwide to backers, from only £50 and should arrive in 3-5 business days after dispatch from the factory.

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