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Keebgyy Kids Air Power Football Floating Hover Soccer LED Training Football

Keebgyy Kids Air Power Football Floating Hover Soccer LED Training Football
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☀MATERIAL- Made of non-toxic plastic, foam edging, flexible, safe and not hurt foot, to prevent the walls and furniture to be damaged
☀MUSIC HOVER BALL FLOAT, EASY GLIDING- Pneumatic suspension technology adopted, the music hockey soccer can float on a cushion of air produced by a powerful fan and built-in rotary motor, which makes this girl and boy toy easy to glide over any smooth surface. You can use it on your home floor, flat ground and low-pile carpet, etc., and turn any floor into an air hockey/soccer field. They can play with friends or parents outdoors and indoors.

☀SAFETY TOYS- With the modest size of 23″.Foam bumpers around the edge of disk – Protects your furniture, skirting boards and walls from damage.This exciting soccer disk floats on a cushion of air, allowing it to glide over any smooth surface.
☀SUSPENSION TECHNOLOGY WITH ROTARY MOTOR DRIVE- Hover Soccer Ball, which works on the principle of air flow circulation with the built-in rotary motor fan, can be suspended in the air like UFO, and also can be played on any smooth and flat grounds .The motor fan can absorb air from the bottom to make the ball floats on the cushion of air
☀GLIDE FUNCTION WITH MODEST SIZE – With the modest size , neither too big nor too little. More suitable for multiplayer game. Play by yourself or grab a friend or two! The Air Power Soccer Disk will provide hours of dynamic high-tech soccer action. The best choice for kids Birthday gift or Christmas gift.

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