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Kinetic Road Machine Indoor Trainer

Kinetic Road Machine Indoor Trainer
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It seems like every trainer on the market purports to provide a ‘more road like feel,’ but living in Utah, we ride more than our fair share of trainers, and we’ve found this to be less than true. The Kinetic Road Machine 2. 0 Fluid Trainer is the exception to this experience, though. Its heavy flywheel, silicone fluid, and massive array of cooling fins add up to a trainer that provides an incredibly consistent power curve.

In fact, it’s so consistent that Kinetic includes a chart that shows exactly how many watts you’ll have to generate to attain a specific (though still stationary) speed. The thing that really sets the Road Machine apart, though, is its lack of a driveshaft -a notorious point of failure in most trainers. Instead, Kinetic uses six pairs of rare earth magnets on the flywheel and impeller. The magnetic strength of these paired magnets mean that the flywheel and impeller are spinning at the same speed at all times, without any mechanical connection.

Train like the pros
Made using the highest quality components
The most trusted name in cycle trainers
Quiet, smooth, progressive resistance precisely replicates outdoor ride feel

The most reliable fluid trainer available
Fully assembled
Compatible with the Kinetic inRide Watt Meter.
Unmatched stability and durability with a lifetime warranty

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