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King Edison Ghost Wall Lamp

King Edison Ghost Wall Lamp
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Inconspicuous King Edison Ghost hides a gem behind its humble appearance – a glimmering silhouette of a chandelier emerging like a phantom enveloped in a captivating darkness.

The ‘King Edison Ghost Wall lamp’ designed by Young & Battaglia, combines the pure simplicity of an Edison light bulb with the romance and glamour of a King chandelier. It consists of a miniature brass chandelier inside a hand-blown black glass shade giving the chandelier glimpsed inside a ghostly feel.

This product uses Light Emitting Diodes (LEDs) which are extremely energy efficient and eco-friendly lighting choice. With distinct advantages such as an exceptionally longer life span of 40,000 hours, 85% lower energy usage, reduced maintenance costs and higher safety than traditional bulbs.

Energy Consumption
Energy rating: A++
Luminaire energy consumption (12 LED): 0.8kw/1000h

Decorative light
Bulb type: LED
Input voltage: 110-240v.
Dimensions: 150mm diameter x 210mm height
Theme: Miniature, Tiny chandelier, Glass shade, Globe bulb, Cluster

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