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King Jim i-glaco Touchscreen Cleaner

King Jim i-glaco Touchscreen Cleaner
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When spend all day touching our phones and devices, or placing them into our pockets and bags. All this adds up to dirty screens that are unpleasant and unhygienic. King Jim has come up with a simple but effective touchscreen cleaning tool here, the i-glaco.

This pen-like tool is compact and easy to store in a bag or drawer. When your phone or tablet is particularly grimy with fingerprints, whip out the i-glaco and “write” on the screen with the repellant agent in the pattern indicated below. Then wipe with a tissue or cloth.

This adds a layer of protective coating to the screen that can keep it clean of dirt and fingerprints for up to one month.

Use with glass touchscreens (not suitable for screens with protective films)
Allow two hours to dry
One pen can be used around 20 times (varies per size of screen)
One cleaning session can last up to 1 month (may vary)
Instructions: Japanese

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