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King Komb De-shedding Tool

King Komb De-shedding Tool
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EASY TO USE – The King Komb features 3 Stainless Steel non cutting edges, which utilize an Ergonomically Rounded handle-less design which fits nicely in the palm of your hand allowing the dog to remain calm while gently & easily removing excess hair and dander from both the top & undercoat.
GENTLE on your dog’s skin and suitable for pets with single and double coats, brushing will leave your pet with a shiny coat and healthy skin. Rubber Bristles are also great for lathering shampoo and topical oils such as coconut oil.
PROVEN TO WORK – GROOMER APPROVED – The King Komb is quickly becoming the standard in the grooming industry and in everyday use.
GREAT NEWS! WORKS ON ALL BREEDS – The King Komb dog deshedding comb works on small, medium and large breeds. The King Komb Deshedding tool works great on short & Medium hair equally as well. Here are just a few of the breeds that customers tell us the King Komb works great on: Great Dane, German Shepherd, Mastiff, Husky, Akita, Basset Hound, Shiba Inu, Golden Retriever, Belgian Malinois, Pembroke Corgi, Rottweiler, Saint Bernard & Many More
100% MONEY BACK GUARANTEE – If you’re not happy with the King Komb just return it back to us for a full refund.

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