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Kisai Intoxicated Breathalyzer Watch

Kisai Intoxicated Breathalyzer Watch
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Kisai Intoxicated features a built-in breathalyzer to tell you! The time and date are shown by bold digits in negative space – easy to read at a glance however intoxicated you are!
To test your blood alcohol content (BAC), open the sensor cap and press the alcohol button to start the test. Once the sensor has warmed up, blow for 5 seconds and wait for the watch to give an on screen reading.
Housed in a new, light and comfortable ABS case with silicone strap, Kisai Intoxicated is available in black or white.

Kisai Intoxicated is housed in a ABS plastic case with soft but durable silicone strap. The watch uses a rechargeable battery which takes 3 hours to charge. Based on average use of the breathalyzer, the battery should last for one month on one charge and has a lifetime of over 300 charges.
To recharge simply connect the watch to your computer with the USB charging cable provided.

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