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Knee & Elbow XT BRACE with Hot/Cold Gel Pack

Knee & Elbow XT BRACE with Hot/Cold Gel Pack
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The KNEE/ELBOW XT BRACE is a tight-fitting brace with an adjustable velcro strap combined with a large custom nylon hot/cold pack that stays in place. The KNEE/ELBOW XT BRACE was our first product that we made and used for necessity. The harsh terrain of Southwest Asia being on our feet for weeks on end would cause us knee sprains, bruising, joint pain and muscle strains.

This brace is one of more adaptable braces where it covers multiple parts of the body in one brace. Use the brace when you have pain in the knee after a long run or tennis elbow after an enjoyable game of tennis. For all you golfers out there, this brace will help with the tingling in the elbow and soreness on the inside of your arm.
Fits right or left side and one size fits most. The brace will fit female XS up to men’s XXL.

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