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Kole Elegant Flask

Kole Elegant Flask
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√ Unique Work of Art ☆ The NisNas Kole Elegant Flask is beautifully crafted in wood and stainless steel in a tubular form, completely handmade from top to bottom, designed to carry your drink on the go, redefining elegance.
√ Bring Nature To Your Home ☆ Each Whiskey Flask is made with high-quality forest wood, bringing the Nature-Feel to your home or on the go, as well as adding style and charm wherever you go.
√ Deluxe Gift For Any Occasion ☆ The NisNas Flask is the perfect luxurious, chic gift for any occasion, adding style to your loved ones wherever they decide to go with it.
√ Keep it Forever ☆ Each Whiskey Flask is made from a solid piece of oak that has been carefully selected for its qualities, made to last a lifetime, as well as being timelessly elegant.
√ The Perfect Size ☆ The NisNas Flask is the only flask you can carry on a plane, carrying just under 2.0 fl oz whiskey. It also fits perfectly in your bag and comes with a drinking cup for a drink on the go or even a city tour or day trip.

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