Kosdeg Disposable Wooden Cutlery Set

Kosdeg Disposable Wooden Cutlery Set
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  • TOMATO TEST APPROVED – Durable, effective and beautifully designed, this cutlery will stand the test any event, picnic, wedding, BBQ or dinner. The handles are dual reinforced, and the knife edge is sharp enough to cut easily through a tomato. Hold the knife close to the blade, and you’ll be able to take on tougher veggies too! Rigorously tested so you get a great product every time. You and your guests will love the soft feeling while using them, they’re also a great conversation starter!
  • WASTE FREE COMPOSTABLE CUTLERY – Our Birch Wood Cutlery is made from biodegradable, renewable and non-toxic substances, which means it’s easily disposable, compostable and environmentally friendly. Know you’re doing “right” for the planet by choosing our cutlery. Around 150 MILLION TONS of single use plastic waste is created every year, 8 million of which ends up in our oceans and we’re probably starting to drink. Let’s stop this together.
  • NO DRY TONGUE AND BAD MOUTH TASTE – A lot of wooden cutlery manufacturers use cheap, treated woods that have a bad taste, and suck all the moisture out of your tongue the moment it touches it. We use high quality Birch Wood to make sure this is not a problem for you. It’s not your fault if you’ve bought and been dissatisfied with other brands, there’s a lot of people who do not care about the message or functionality. We’ve stepped in because of this. Buy Safe, Buy Right, Stay Clean!
  • THE ONLY LOGICAL CHOICE – They’re infinitely better than disposable plastic. The manufacturing process of disposable plastic cutlery has a significant impact on the climate and environment, before it’s even been sold and thrown away, that’s before we get into the pollution and post disposal harm they cause to our oceans, landscapes and wildlife. Not only that, microplastics are finding their way into our drinking water! It has to stop NOW. Make the right choice for your future.
  • 100% MONEY BACK GUARANTEE – We took the time to address the finer details when putting this set together. No sharp edges from sanding, definitely no noxious smells, they are durable and strong, with an eco friendly clean message behind them. They’re almost too good to throw away! With 300 Pcs included – 150 forks, 75 knives, 75 spoons – we’re sure this set will cater to all your needs. If you don’t agree with us, you’ll get your money back – no questions asked.
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