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Lace Linx
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The product Lace Linx:

Is a product that allows the user to not tie their shoe lace. It does this by holding the lace with Velcro. It is very durable and doesn’t come loose. But it’s also stylish because on the outside of the shoe is where a small, discrete, yet fashioably noticeable designe is. For instance the standard designs I’m currently raising money for are a flat circle, ball, cone, ball and a cylinder bar. Keep in mind these are basic shapes but the ideas are literally limitless. Selling to all ages both genders.


My plan once I’ve met my goal funding wise is to first take care of you guys with the rewards. Then I’m on the next flight to Hong Kong to visit the factory where these will be made. I would be paying for the molds of each standard design so it can be produced in a large quantity. Which leaves me to my next step which is to visit all the large corporations to have them sell my product in their stores. Looking for as many purchase orders as possible. I’m currently asking for 40k to put this plan in action and am very grateful for any contribution you can donate to help me peruse this. Thank you and let’s see this in stores.

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