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LAntiStress – Life with Less Stress

LAntiStress – Life with Less Stress
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LAntiStress – stress reduction mobile app based on positive animation.

LAntiStress is the app that is being designed for Children to be used together with their Parents to reduce stress and form healthy family habits by engaging in something all love – positive animation!

The intention is to assist Children as young as 3 years old in developing skills and habits that prevent stress occurrence or help to reduce it. Research shows that Children who learn positive habits of physical activity, healthy diet, good action/rest balance, etc. in early years are more prone to maintain these habits later in life. LAntiStress is designed to support Families in this task. LAntiStress app addresses the maintenance of health-related behaviors, which is known to be one of the most prominent problems of all health related programs. The app employs animated characters, positive animation scenarios and in-program reward systems to grasp and keep child’s interest to ensure the program will be practiced over time.

Even though LAntiStress app is a new product, it originates from a decade of work with children in educational setting. The experience of teaching children to be physically active and enjoyment of these activities, as well as experience of enhancing adherence to exercise programs has been transformed into positive animations that can reach children beyond specific classrooms.

LAntiStress app is a combination of modern technologies, scientific discoveries and ancient Eastern traditions that emphasize holistic nature of human being and provide physical and mental exercising to maintain health and prevent stress. Therefore it not only focuses on keeping optimal level of physical activity, but also highlights mental aspects such as focus, levels of energy, etc.

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