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Leland 13″ Half Hatchet

Leland 13″ Half Hatchet
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“The place where canoes run up into the river to land, because they have no harbor”
Simplicity and versatility run parallel through the Leland Half Hatchet. It’s a basic hand tool, built strong enough and sharp enough ready for adventures as complex as they come.

This 13″ American Hickory handled half hatchet features a generous cutting edge and a solid smooth-faced hammer. Forged stateside by BARCO Industries, these tools are bred from a line of ‘no nonsense’ tools, built to get the job done. Each hatchet gets profiled, sharpened and finished in Michigan. The handle on the Leland is then finished with pure Linseed Oil and the head is outfit with a handmade, holster-style sheath.

Made in the USA, forged in the Mid-West by BARCO Industries
Forged Half Hatchet head patternwith octagonal hammer face, sharpened and polished to perfection.
100%Hickory handle with pure Linseed oil topcoat
3.5″ Hand honed cutting edge
Handmade, premium leather holster style head cover to carry her right on your hip.
Latigo leather hand strap

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