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Level Standing Desk Board by Fluidstance

Level Standing Desk Board by Fluidstance
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From your office desk, to the conference room, to the living room, the aim to provide a shift where you need it most—physically, emotionally, and intellectually.
The patent-pending technology of the Level elicits subtle, constant movement below your feet to increase your range of motion and heart rate. The Level is the perfect addition to a standing desk, gaming system, or classroom.
This deck is made entirely in the U.S.A. The base has .190″ walls of die-cast recycled aluminum, produced in a solar-powered facility in California.

All scrap aluminum from the manufacturing process is recycled back into the supply chain to ensure there is zero waste in our casting process.
The top deck, a solid half-inch of three-ply bamboo, is made with low-emitting materials and milled and finished in California.

26.5″ long x 12.2″ wide x 2.5″ tall, approximate weight: 7lbs, 12 ounces
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