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LithiumCard HyperSpeed Charger

LithiumCard HyperSpeed Charger
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A business card sized, all-inclusive design that incorporates advanced features packaged neatly in a luxurious billet aluminum housing. HyperFET® charging technology calculates a device’s most optimal charging profile and is capable of delivering up to 1% increase in battery life per minute. It has a flip-out Lightning USB, for charging electronic devices using the Apple Lightning USB connector. LithiumCard includes a rinse-able, NanoStik pad, so it sticks to virtually any surface. Simultaneous bypass charging circuitry allows charging of another device and LithiumCard at the same time.

2.0 AMPS / 1200mAh Capacitiy, NanoStik Pad (included) keeps the LithiumCard virtually stuck to your device.
Ultra-Thin: The equivelance of 5 credit cards (3.37 x 2.12 x 0.22 inches, 1.59 oz) so it can fit in most wallets!
Compatible with Apple Lightning Chargers (iPhone 5, 5s, etc).
All inclusive cable system (Lightningo USB Connector to charge device + flip-out USB for charging its own internal battery)
Can simultaneously charge its own battery plus the device you want to charge

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