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Living Wall Planter

Living Wall Planter
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All new Woolly Reimagined Living Wall Planter! The new modular design features a hard vented shell, a sturdy shape and is equipped with a self-watering tank, all designed to make planting easier! SIMPLE TO HANG. Simply attach tank, plant planter, then hang planter. Hardware included.

Easy fasteners that work on masonry, drywall, sheetrock, wood and metal walls and vertical surfaces. Extra quick and easy plant exchange. May be planted and replanted while planters are hanging on wall.

PATENED VENTED SHELL Breathes and allows excess moisture to evaporate or pass-through. Plants can air-prune and develop healthy branching root structure. Helps prevent plants from becoming pot bound. Promotes live soil and organic gardening.

SMART WATERING Self-watering tank with easy access watering holes delivers water to roots and fills reservoir. Self-watering: 1.5 Liter water distribution chamber allows roots to self- water for up to 2 weeks (depends on plants and environment). Promotes live soil and organic gardening.

TOTALLY MODULAR Instantly create a lovely living wall or vertical garden indoors or out in minutes! The new Living Wall Planters are easy to hang. No tape measure or levels needed. For easy hanging, simply install and plant the Living Wall Planters by using the template guide included with the planter.

ECO-FRIENDLY Made in USA Made from the most suitable, highest quality, sustainable and locally produced materials we can find. Made from up to 100% recyled plastic (darkest colors are 100% recycled). BPA-Free polyproplyene 100% recyclable. Minimized, sustainbable packaging and shipping methods used wherever possible.

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