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Loaf of Bread Mini Sofa

Loaf of Bread Mini Sofa
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For a country that has rice as its staple grain, Japan has nonetheless embraced bread completely: its numerous bakeries offer a wide variety or types and flavors and all supermarkets carry several brands of sliced bread. Big soft slices of bread have become synonymous with luxury, leisure and pampering (this is probably thanks to Western advertising!) and the Fuwafuwa Loaf of Bread Sofa is a tribute to this idea: a single-seat mini sofa shaped as a slice of fluffy (fuwafuwa) bread!

This plush, low one-seater is the perfect place to enjoy a relaxed Sunday morning breakfast (with or without toast!). Wide enough to accommodate most body types and shaped like the famous bread from Yamagata Prefecture (i.e. with a rounded top), it really looks like a freshly baked slice waiting to be buttered. So make a cup of coffee, grab your favorite book or your tablet, and spread yourself out on this wonderfully weird and cute sofa, courtesy of a land that knows weird and cute – and, apparently, bread!

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