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Lollypop Stick Men Popsicle Molds

Lollypop Stick Men Popsicle Molds
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Lolly sticks. Boring aren’t they? Well, the Colonel thought so one day as he absent-mindedly enjoyed his habitual gabardine flavoured – desert one afternoon. Why, he pondered, are lolly sticks stick-like? Why not turn them into little animated figures with lollipop heads? Strong stuff that gabardine.

Ice Lolly Molds
Stick men-shaped re-usable lolly sticks
Makes 4 lollies at once
Material: food safe plastic PP
Dimension (mm): 156(w) x 77(h) x 80(l)/Dimension (in): 6.14(w) x 3.03(h) x 3.15(l)

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