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Lubitel 166+

Lubitel 166+
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The Lomo Lubitel 166+ is a loving recreation of the Soviet-Era twin lens medium format camera. Featuring two lenses: one for viewing and one for capturing the image. Cast in plastic from original Lubitel molds, the 166+ is lightweight, perfect for an everyday companion. Completely manual controls provide for total control over everything that happens. A top down viewfinder provide a much larger image to compose shots with as well as making the composition process more thoughtful. Plus, much more discreet candid shooting! At the heart of the camera is the infamous multicoated glass lens, recreated to perfection to give those dramatic, soulful effects. Standard are a tripod thread mount and cable release threaded shutter. Get your hands on the 35mm kit and go from medium format to your favorite 35mm film with ease.

Camera can be converted from 120mm to 35mm film
The Lubitel’s viewfinder glass is perfectly flat ground glass and covers 100% of the image
Its plastic body, modeled after the original, is light and easy to carry and handle
Includes solid glass multi-coated lens, full manual controls, exposure guidelines and standard hot shoe
Standard cable release and tripod threads

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