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Lumen Tree Oil Lamp by Adam

Lumen Tree Oil Lamp by Adam
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Invented by artist Adam Frank , this modern little oil candle casts an enchanting shadow from a tiny, stainless steel tree. As the flame flickers, the shadow of the tree moves like a light breeze is rustling its branches. A unique twist on a normal candle. Give one to your favorite hostess or light several at your next dinner party.

The shadow’s intensity and size will be affected by additional light in the room – the darker the room, the better the results. Comes with two containers of odorless, clean-burning liquid wax that last 17 hours each. Available in five styles (from left to right): Cedar, Nest, Magnolia, Pine, and Bloom. Sold individually. Set of two refills also available. Made in Brooklyn. Click here to see the lumen glow Featured in Family Circle magazine.

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