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Lumetto Side Table by Tonelli Design

Lumetto Side Table by Tonelli Design
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One of the most innovative and unusual products, Lumetto Side Table is truly a conversation piece in any setting. Designed by Niko Leonardi and Fabio Marinelli for Tonelli and manufactured in Italy, Lumetto End Table embodies the shape of a bedside lamp with its all-glass profile while its linear structure has a built-in LED light that is activated by touching the metal disk with a finger. Lumetto End Table is available in two heights and features a unique engraved texture that is enhanced through its luminous nature. Available in extra clear glass only.

Lumetto Side Table in in stock in 25 ½” height only.

Tonelli is an Italian manufacturer, specializing in glass application to products like dining and coffee tables, shelving and storage, mirrors and more. With close to 30 years in the industry, Tonelli’s products are a result of close collaboration between world renounced designers and Tonelli’s state of the art, high-tech manufacturing.

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