Mace Pepper Spray Gun

Mace Pepper Spray Gun
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  • accurate, long-range protection: Weighing 28 grams, the advanced pepper gun delivery system contains 7 bursts and shoots Mace spray in a power stream pattern for protection up to 20 feet.
  • integrated led light: a dual mode led strobe light distracts threats and enhances your aim. Mace Brand pepper spray is 100% tsa/faa compliant for checked baggage airline travel. mace holster sold separately.
  • strong formula: 10% oc pepper spray causes respiratory distress and coughing, impaired vision and an intense burning sensation to the skin while uv dye leaves a long-lasting residue to support investigation and identification.
  • easy and effective: Pepper gun cartridge is easy to load and pistol-grip design maximizes point-and-shoot accuracy. Deploy the pepper spray by placing your thumb on the trigger and pressing it for two to three second bursts.
  • safe and convenient: Slide-release switch prevents accidents or misfires. For enhanced safety and comfort, your pepper gun comes with one practice water cartridge and one oc pepper spray cartridge for self defense.
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