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Memory of Light Reading Light

Memory of Light Reading Light
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A base in maple plywood supports a cylindrical sodium light bulb. The old light bulb does not produce light any longer but contains and reflects it. It has a new life like a see through ampoule that contains the reminder of past lights. A led installed within the base releases light which is amplified and diffused. It has a new life.
used glass sodium lightbulb (there might be burn marks on the glass as a result of when the lightbulb stopped working)

Base in maple wood with rounded edges and soft to touch, coated with water based paint. Led- warm light 1w, 12 v, 90 lumen, A**, 15.000h
cm 8 x 8 x h 38
Designed by Gabriella Favotto
Item produced in the Artefizio Laboratory, design and craftsmanship make it a unique made in Italy product.

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