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MeVidi – The World’s First Personal Video Gift

MeVidi – The World’s First Personal Video Gift
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Put a lasting smile on a friend or loved one’s face when you send a personal video message along with a gift!

Life often keeps us far away from the people that we love. While sending a gift is great, there is a demand for something more, something more personal. One day while considering which flowers to send my wife, I just got sick and tired of the same genetic, and highly boring, cards that always accompany flowers. I thought to myself, “How can there not be a more exciting, dynamic and fulfilling way to send gifts?”

Increasingly these days we are seeing gifts being sent online or through an app. My name is Frederick Knight and I’m an entrepreneur who founded (Patent Pending) MeVidi back in 2014. I wanted to revolutionize this concept by creating something that not only used technology, but also was more personalized and meaningful. Since then myself and my team have been working on creating the newest and most innovative form of gift giving. Take a look at our campaign and I hope you agree that we’ve truly accomplished this goal.

I started this campaign to introduce MeVidi to the world and secure the funding we need to carry us through the final stages of improvements and get us to the production stage. We’ve invested hundreds of thousands of dollars so far and we are very close to launching MeVidi to the public.

But now we need the help from backers who understand the potential of MeVidi and why it’s such a new and exciting way to show a loved one that you care… often that you care even more than they know!

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