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Mini Personal Transporter Scooter

Mini Personal Transporter Scooter
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The Q-Bot, a mini 2 wheel standup scooter is one of the smallest and light weight upright personal transporter vehicles in the world. This mini “self balancing” style scooter can achieve a top speed of 10 mph and make a zero turning radius. The Q-Bot Seg-scooter is a recreational, practical and functional transportation vehicle that will guarantee hours of nonstop motion.

Due to its light weight of only 39 lbs and its stylish design of collapsible handlebars, you can easily transport and store it with convenience in a vehicle’s trunk, boat, train, subway, bus or overhead bin on an airplane. This two wheel balancing Personal transporter “Segway Style” is powered by light weight lithium batteries and is therefore eco-friendly.

It allows you to have loads of fun while saving the environment at the same time. This is the best alternative to gas powered scooters or the more expensive and bulky electric scooters.

There are diverse and useful ways that the Q-bot is being used compared to similar more expensive scooters. Save thousands of dollars on the Q-Bot The Q-bot operation is similar to the walking ability of the human body on a slopping surface, when you lean forward or backward, you have to move a step forward or backward to keep balance and avoid falling.

When standing on the Q-bot, and you lean your body forward or backward the controller of the Q-bot which controls the wheels motion will then move forward or backward to keep balance.

Battery Powered Electric MotorS, 2 Wheel balancing Scooter
48 Volts 5 Ah Lithium Batteries
48V Lithium Battery Smart charger
Hydraulic Shocks- Two rear shock absorbers on the frame
Up to 12 miles per charge (distance varies by riders weight, terrain, road surface etc.)

25 Degree incline climbing ability
Up to 10 MPH Max Speed

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