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Mini Tissue Case Hako

Mini Tissue Case Hako
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SDtarting in kindergarten, two are the things Japanese children learn to always carry with them: a handkerchief and a mini pack of facial tissues. Tissues are everywhere in Japan, so finding new ways to store and dispense them is almost a branch of Japanese design industry. But few solutions are as elegant and original as the Mini Tissue Case Hako.

Using magnets (is there anyone who doesn’t like playing with magnets?), award-winning designers Seiji Oguri and Yohei Oki, and two plain pieces of ABS plastic in five lively yet soothing pop colors, they created a very simple yet functional case that’s easy to use and pleasing on the eye. When not in use, you can just close the “box” (hako) so the tissues are hidden from sight. The Mini Tissue Case Hako is one more example of good Japanese design combining ergonomics and aesthetics in a straightforward, understated way.

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