Mirror Gold Polystyrene Wishing Well Box-Wedding Card

Mirror Gold Polystyrene Wishing Well Box-Wedding Card
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A wedding is an extremely important event in the life of each of us. Therefore, you need to prepare for it in advance by buying all the necessary attributes and accessories is designed in a single style. a perfect way to collect envelopes and small gifts at a wedding is the Wedding Card Money Box. Place on a reception table or near the guest book during the wedding. This keepsake will make a lovely decoration in the home after the wedding. Make a keepsake that will last a lifetime by filling this box with photos, quotes, items and messages from your wedding day We do not limit you to the size, format, or design of a box for a wedding money. Since we are a direct manufacturer, we are happy to make any changes to the product. a little of your imagination and we will make a real masterpiece for you 🙂 Link for

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