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Moon x ClockWhen the night falls, in the darkness of quiet and still, the nocturnal animals are exulting in exploring this world. The moonlight energizes the animals, and the moon is the faith they rely on. The story of them is quietly running on this tranquil land. Are you those people who always find inspiration at night? The later at night it gets, the more ideas you have? If you are this kind of nocturnal animal, let haoshi Moon Clock warm you up at every single night.featurethe clock has been applied a layer of Fluorescent Whitening Agent on its surface. After gathered the daylight, it will last glow for 15- 20 minutes.use projection light in indoor space to strengthen the luminosity.informationsize??250mm x 90mm x 250mmMaterial??Resin / Taiwan MovementMade in TaiwanInstallation1. Attach the installation chart on the wall.2. Pencil marks the three anchor points via the installation chart.3. Remove the installation chart.4. Drill holes on the marks. (Please skip this step to procedure no.6 if applied on the wood wall.)5. Put the plastic plugs into the holes.6. Fix the screws on the wall.7. Complete the installation by hanging on the clock.attention1. Use general aa alkaline batteries, which we recommend be replaced once every three months.2. Avoid use of powerful batteries as to avoid damaging clock movement.3. Use the hands adjustment knob at the back of mechanism to adjust the time. Please do not use your finger to move the hands directly, for the hands will get loose and cause the incorrect time presentation.

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