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Moov NOW Fitness Tracker & Coach

Moov NOW Fitness Tracker & Coach
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Imagine you’re running when you hear a voice chime in your ear, “You’re 10 meters behind your target. Push a little harder, you can still beat your goal.” Only MOOV NOW measures your exact movement and analyzes it in order to coach your form and efficiency. Real-time coaching pushes you to improve throughout each workout, bringing your fitness and workout experience to a whole new level. MOOV NOW offers guided programs in sports including running, cycling, swimming, body weight training, and cardio boxing.

Your body adapts when performing the same exercises, which causes limited results and fewer calories burned. Counter this by exploring all Moov sports to change up your routine and work your body in new ways.

A wearable fitness coach that actively monitors your tendencies, advises you on how to get the most from your workout, tracks your progress, and motivates you to achieve your fitness goals
Talks you through your workout with real-time audio coaching for running, cycling, cardio boxing, and body weight (Moov 7 Minute+).
Stay motivated with active minutes and sleep tracking.
6 month battery life and a waterproof device. Band is lightweight and breathable. Wear it on your wrist or ankle or wear two.
Moov’s Omni Motion sensor uses 3 times the sensors used in basic fitness trackers, allowing it to track your motion in 3D.

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