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MOS Magnetic Organization System

MOS Magnetic Organization System
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The MOS, Magnetic Organization System, is a singular and stylish answer for organizing and protecting monitor of your cables. Simply set the top of your cable on the MOS when it isn’t in use and the MOS will magnetically maintain it in place till you are able to put it to make use of once more. The MOS is right for organizing the cables in your desk or on the wall above your telephone charger and numerous different locations.

When positioned on a desk, the MOS makes use of its microsuction padding to affix itself to your desk with out use of tape or glue and it leaves no residue in the event you deside to maneuver it. When used on the wall, the MOS makes use of the included mounting circle to firmly and securely mount the MOS to the wall. The MOS consists of a number of magnets which are designed to have the perfect pull foce to carry your cables in place.

Most cables are capable of be securely held to the MOS with out situation. Not all cables are created equally, nevertheless, and a few don’t reply to the magnetic area surrounding the MOS. For these instances, every MOS consists of three magnetic cable ties that may be easy wrapped round these extra troublesome cables including the power to be held to the MOS.

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