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MOUS Fitness Bottle

MOUS Fitness Bottle
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If the MOUS Fitness Bottle and Supplement Shaker is not available, then a funny bottle is what you need.

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BPA Free Tritan Plastic
Bacteria and Odor Resistant
Volume: 27oz or 820ml
Leak Proof
Easy to Clean
The MOUS fitness bottle is more than a shaker bottle, it’s a companion for the health conscious, stylish and active individual looking to reach their health and fitness goals.

The primary focus of the MOUS fitness bottle is to minimize bacteria accumulation with the introduction of a unique round bottom and modular design that makes cleaning your bottle effortless.

Perfect for the use of shaking supplements, infusing waters, drinking smoothies and as an everyday water bottle, it’s the multi-purpose fitness bottle for how you choose to fuel and hydrate your body.

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