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Muista Chair

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Makes Your Back Stronger
“The Muista Chair creates sitting conditions that strengthen the body’s core stabilizers thus preventing back pain. I say this as I myself have tried this chair.“
Professor of Body Movement Sciences, Albertas Skurvydas

Helps You Concentrate
“Students who are agile, more active, and who have difficulty concentrating, are much calmer when sitting on these chairs.  Because the chair can swing, kids hold their balance and fidget less while concentrating more on the tasks at hand. We also noticed that kids sit more upright on the Muista than on a conventional chair. Also most of our staff liked it as the possibility to swing has among other things a soothing quality.“
Cognitive skills development centre Brain Gym team review after 3 months of testing the Muista

Smart DesignMuista is a healthy alternative to regular desk chairs that lets you decide how you want it: 
sit still or fidget, sway or wiggle both by sitting saddle-like or bench-like. Both sitting positions are quite different in that they make different muscle groups work while sitting – the saddle position gives you forwards rocking direction while the bench makes it sideways. Here is a more comfortable rocking chair.

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