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Mushroom Coffee Table by Thomas Wold

Mushroom Coffee Table by Thomas Wold
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“Dinner? Oh dinner was…well actually, it was the oddest thing. There have been mushrooms. Giant mushrooms rising up by the middle of the room. Right where the coffee desk ought to be. And when I say giant, I don’t mean your common sized backyard toadstool, I imply giant as platters. And everybody simply acted as if nothing was unusual in any respect, as if it was completely normal to set your espresso cup on a mushroom. It was unsettling. I feel they name it fashionable design. I mean can you imagine?”

Sticks-in-the-mud, inside-the-box thinkers and anti-innovators won’t like the Thomas Wold Mushroom Coffee Desk one bit. However then, that’s one of many many issues that make this contemporary design standout so very extraordinary.

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