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Night Lantern From Uncle Milton

Night Lantern From Uncle Milton
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A new spin on a classic explorer’s lantern, the Starry Night Lantern is great for nighttime expeditions and camping. Flip the dual-mode switch while indoors, and watch as it projects a glowing field of stars overhead, creating your very own night sky! Flip the switch the other way and the illuminated lantern will light-up your campsite!

Whether you’re on a camping trip with your family or taking a nighttime walk with your friends, it’s important to have a bright light source close at hand. Your Starry Night Lantern can illuminate a wide area around you anywhere you go, but it also has a special not found in any other explorer’s lanterns: it can project a glowing field of stars on the inside your tent or on the ceiling of your room.

2-in-1 Lantern and Star Projector
THE GREAT OUTDOORS Nothing says exploring more than being in the great outdoors! Around dusk, grab your lantern and head outside. Find a spot to star gaze and look for constellations in the night sky. After your search, turn on your lantern and make your way back inside to draw constellation pictures. THE GREAT INDOORS Set up some blankets on the floor in your bedroom.

If you have a small tent and your parent’s permission, set up the tent inside your room for some added fun! Invite some friends over, grab some tasty snacks, and pretend you are camping out. Turn off the lights, maybe tell a spooky story or two, and have your Starry Night Lantern nearby to shine a bright light! Want to see the stars? Switch on the Star Field and gaze into the night sky –in your own room!

National Geographic
Since its inception in 1888, when the National Geographic Society was created for the “increase and diffusion of geographic knowledge,” it has supported the work of the world’s most intrepid scientists and boldest explorers. Over the years, the Society has awarded more than 10,000 grants for exploration, research, and conservation efforts.

Their constant exploration of the world has illuminated the need to protect the Earth’s many resources for the future, resulting in a rededicated mission to inspire people to care about the planet. Most important, National Geographic’s net proceeds support the exploration, conservation, research, and educational programs that make a better understanding of the world possible.

What’s In The Box?
Starry Night Lantern and Activity Field Guide.

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