bamboo natural skateboard

Natural Bamboo Skateboards by Hamboard

Natural Bamboo Skateboards by Hamboard
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Hamboard’s most stable and easiest to use model. It just happens to be the world’s best balance of pump and drive

OUR MOST PUMPABLE LONGBOARD: Old school feel with futuristic pumpability. Achieve seamless transitions from pumping to carving with the Pescadito’s wide,punchy format. It allows you to pump down the line, build, utilize and release epic amounts of speed.

PERFECT BALANCE: Custom 150mm Reverse King Pin Trucks combined with the Pescadito’s unique shape mean the perfect balance of weight and flex. Whilst fun for riders of all experience levels, intermediate to advanced. Shoes are optional… Hamboards love your bare feet!

UNMATCHED DURABILITY: Each handcrafted Pescadito is solidly constructed and is made of ultra-durable hand-painted laminated birch or super-hard bamboo. Features durable, solvent free UV resistant grip and like all other longboards in our arsenal, the Pescadito is built to last.

FOUR MAGNIFICENT COLORWAYS: The Classic comes in 4 handsome color combinations to match your style and every mood: Natural Bamboo, Stripe (Blue-White-Yellow), Fudge and Green Chevron

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