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Nebia Shower System

Nebia Shower System
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The key to a great shower is how much water comes into contact with your skin. By atomizing water, the Nebia Shower System releases millions of tiny droplets at a high velocity that envelop your body, blending a steam room experience with a traditional shower. With up to 70% water savings, the Nebia experience will forever redefine what you can expect out of your shower. For extra massage, the Blue Ocean shower system is a good choice.

Very few showers are designed to be used for people of different heights, and those that do have clunky knobs or buttons. We knew it was time for a simpler experience with more range. Like magic, the Nebia Shower System glides 25 inches up and down to customize the spray pattern for every member of the family so that it always fits just right.

The Wand has just the right heft and grip as a hand shower. Paired with the Magnetic Dock, you can also position it at your preferred angle for none of the work, yet all of the pleasure.
For a faster rinsing experience, activate the Strength Mode which will give a more traditional sensation of pressure and water flow while still saving up to 60% of the water compared to a conventional shower.

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