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Ninja Backpack – 1st with Hidden Expansion Bag and Zipper

Ninja Backpack – 1st with Hidden Expansion Bag and Zipper
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Anti-theft waterproof carry all for urban warriors. Hidden zipper and storage throughout. Pull out bag for extra room when needed.

The design team for Ninja Backpack is a group of college students and young professionals that wanted a minimalist and sleek backpack with hidden anti-theft features. It has to be secure and expandable for travel or every day use in the subway, on a plane or campus.

The hidden expansion bag nearly doubles the storage area when pulled out and unfolded. It is made of lightweight nylon with a zipper, and 2 hardened steel hooks with adjustable straps.

The anti-theft cover keeps water and thieves out of the back zipper.

Internal padded pocket protects both a laptop AND a tablet.

The 5 Pocket liner unzips to access hidden compartment with more pockets.

Fast and easy access to wallet, phone, credit/transit cards – in the external zipper pockets.

USB power port – store your favorite power bank inside and connect to charge without taking it out.

Waterproof Oxford Canvas has a more refined look and feel than common nylon., The thick back and shoulder straps and back paddings, heavy duty zippers, metal pulls, and quality craftsmanship reflect the distinction from other backpacks .

Colors Available: Dark Grey, Light Grey, new Dark Red (limited 100)

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