Noonchi Office Chair Workout

Noonchi Office Chair Workout
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Turn your boring ol office chair Into your own personal gym! The Noonchi chair workout is perfect for anyone 18 and over. The Noonchi comes with 5 lb resistance bands for light stretching throughout the day and it also comes with 20 lb bands for a tuff muscle building workout session.

  • The Noonchi Chair workout comes with 2 sets of resistance bands (2-5lb and 2-20lb). The user can either add resistance for a tough workout, or remove resistance for a cardio workout session. The resistance bands can be attached onto various locations of the Noonchi, therefore providing endless types of workouts. The resistance bands can easily be uncliped and put away when not in use.
  • The Noonchi’s base attachment is made to secure the Noonchi gym to any office chair’s cylinder. The base attachment was made to be light weight, durable and specifically designed for easy set up.
  • The Noonchi chair workout easily detaches from the back of your office chair, therefore allowing the device to be placed under your feet for even more exercise options.
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