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O6 Smart Remote

O6 Smart Remote
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The world has changed drastically in the last 10 years. With ubiquitous Wi-Fi and robust cellular plans, we have gone from “work phones” and desktop computers to being constantly connected, whether we are walking to work or the grocery store, working out or even driving.

People’s dependence on smartphones is utterly complete. Unfortunately, this dependence does not end when we step outside or open a car door. At this very moment, over 660,000 Americans are handling their phones – checking email, scrolling through twitter – while attempting to drive a car at the same time.

O6 does something that no other product can do – it allows them to do it without taking their eyes off the road – as simply and easily as you flip through radio stations in your car. O6 demonstrates a keen awareness of aesthetic form, precision engineering and craftsmanship that produces a very satisfying touch experience. The moment you hold the O6 in your hand, you’ll notice the quality and care that has gone into making this product.

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