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Oak Bottle Original Master Infuser

Oak Bottle Original Master Infuser
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Introducing, the world’s first oak bottle, an oaking vessel that accelerates the oak aging process and allows anyone to infuse extravagant aromas and flavors of oak into their bought or homemade wine or spirit extremely quickly from the comfort of their own home. Unlike oak chips, infusion spirals and oak barrels, our oak bottle can impart oak notes into wine in 24 to 48 hours and it is extremely simple to use. Simply select the wine or liquor you would like to infuse and pour it into the oak bottle and replace the cork. Leave sitting undisturbed for 24 to 72 hours for a medium oak flavor. If you prefer a light oak flavor you can leave it for 24 hours and if you enjoy a heavy oak infusion leave for up to 96 hours in the oak bottle. Once you have oaked the wine or liquor to your desired taste, simply pour and serve straight from the vessel or transfer back to its original bottle.

Using our oak bottle you can now infuse the same oak flavors that once took 3 years to infuse using a 59 gallon oak barrel, in less than just 4 days! how it works: the solution is our patent pending oak bottle design which maximizes the amount of oak surface area the wine and liquor molecules touch and therefore speeding up the oak infusion process naturally. Enjoying fantastic oaked wine or spirits has never been easier or as inexpensive. Avoid bulky oak barrels, tricky infusion spirals and messy floating oak chips.

Simple pour, infuse and serve straight from our oak bottle. Your wine or liquor will never taste better when you use our oak bottle to make an ordinary wine or liquor extraordinary. Volume: 750ml oak type: American oak toasting level: medium included: 1 oak bottle, 1 etched cork, and 2oz of barrel wax.

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