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Opus Prima Cooker Set by Ruffoni

Opus Prima Cooker Set by Ruffoni
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Opus Prima Cooker Set by Ruffoni. Hammered stainless steel cookware: unique pots and pans that derive their dramatic appearance from expert handwork and their supreme functionality from sophisticated bonded metal construction.

For uniform heat conduction with precise temperature control, they feature an extra thick aluminium core rolled between layers of stainless steel. Each piece is finished with stainless steel handles and hand sculptured silver plated knobs each in the shape of different vegetables. The bottom of each pot is stamped with the Ruffoni brand and serial number ensuring the originality and authenticity of each piece. Suitable for all hobs.

Used for: sauces, poaching, stews. Very useful for preparing sauces and creams that don’t need to be amalgamated but need a controlled temperature.

The set includes: 1 sauce pan 16cm, 1 stock pot, 1 braiser 26cm, 1 chef’s pan, 1 gratin.

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