Organic Indigo Powder 10g

Organic Indigo Powder 10g
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Organic Indigo Powder (Indigofera tinctoria) is an herb that stains a deep blue, and is found in blends for brown or black hair. It is sometimes wrongly called black henna. Unlike henna, which takes time and warm temperatures to release a dye which lasts for hours, indigo releases dye instantly, but it breaks down within about two hours. Storage: The powder can be stored in a cool, dry place for well over a year, so long as it is kept in an airtight bag or container. The mud does not keep its dye and any unused mud should be discarded. — New to herbal coloring? Check out Coloring Hair Naturally with Henna & Other Herbs! More than 300 pages of text, pictures, charts, diagrams, and recipes make Coloring Hair Naturally with Henna & Other Herbs the definitive resource for natural hair coloring. With it, you’ll be able to give yourself the hair you’ve always wanted, naturally.

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