Original art Large blue abstract Painting Braille art home

Original art Large blue abstract Painting  Braille art home
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Unique blue braille painting by jmjartstudio 4 piece set 20 x 64 braille artwork .This painting has shades of blue, mustard, taupe, cream and gray . Since it is painted by me each painting i create is different and unique in its own way . i am proud to say all my paintings are Made in America, in my studio in New York each one is hand signed by me the artist. This is a custom piece please allow 7-10 days for completion. This piece along with all my Braille pieces are completely inspired by my daughter Nina is blind. Many times she would sit by my side as i painted and ask many questions what am i painting? What color? Is it a tree? What are the shapes? so for the most part i would do my best to describe it to her. Which got me to thinking why does art have to be purely visual. i work with texture and shapes so much everyday how about concentrating more on how the piece feels . Which was the beginning of my braille paintings.i’ve created many pieces for sight centers visual museums and private collectors around the world. i cannot tell you what it does to me as and artist to have some who is blind, tough my paintings for the first time and be brought to tears. As we all know what comes with art do not touch !! But why not ? Imagine trying to have someone describe color to you or a tree or a triangle if you have never seen it how would you know.. Now imagine being able to feel the tree run your fingers over the raised branches or the or the sharp corners of a triangle on a painting you understand what i mean, there is a big difference.this is why i do what i do , My pieces are durable and and the majority are highly textured giving enjoyment to other senses beyond sight .Art does not have to be visual anymore. They are painted on high quality 3/4 inch stretched canvas with a Gallery wrapped edge. What is stretched canvas ? Stretched canvas means the canvas has been stretched and secured on a wooden frame. gallery wrapped simply means the canvas has been secured and stapled on the back to give the canvas a nice finished edge. This is a great thing since you will not have to buy a frame for your painting, it can be hung up straight from the box. title : Hope size : 20 x 64 ( each panel is 20 x 16 inches ) medium : Acrylic signed and dated on the Front year created 2018 i was featured on the today Show , my pieces hang in private and gallery collections around the world. clue 3 and then

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